“MiDA”seeks to expose U.S. public plan sponsors and other institutional investors to opportunities to co-invest with African counterparts in Africa’s infrastructure. These investments have the potential to generate attractive risk-return profiles that match the investor’s liability structures and long-term yield expectations. The partnership will develop investment channels for NASP members to co-invest with local institutional investors with similar mandates; provide technical assistance with U.S. financial professionals to help structure investment transactions that meet investors’ requirements; partner with development financial institutions to source investable infrastructure projects and develop capital markets solutions. Click here for the full list of MiDA investors.

Further, MiDA seeks to increase opportunities for U.S. financial services providers seeking to deepen relationships with African institutional investors who currently hold an estimated $1 trillion in assets, of which billions are invested in the United States. According to a McKinsey analysis, the region’s long-term fundamentals remain strong with domestic spending totaling over $4 trillion in 2016.  Listed by the IMF as the second fastest growing region through 2020, African markets increasingly offer attractive opportunities for U.S. businesses and investors.